Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Invitation -

Perhaps you know my family – You see a happily married couple with two kids, 2 cars, a dog and a cat living in a middle class home in a nice subdivision. We go to church and pay our bills. Sounds pretty average doesn’t it?

If you choose to walk closer with me on this earthly journey, you will see one of my children has Down syndrome. You will see me trying my best to treat her as I treat my oldest daughter – as normally as possible but I must make some adjustments in dealing with her uniqueness. It is part of living with her special needs. Still my family is more like yours than not.

Many will shy away from getting closer. Perhaps they think they really know what I deal with. I invite you to walk with me. I invite the Church to walk with me. I want you to know my blessings and my joys. The challenges come and go but the joys and the blessings are constant. I want you to see Reagan’s gifts and the added dimension she brings to our lives and what she can offer to the faith community.

Sadly, a large part of the faith community fails to recognize my daughter’s gifts and talents. They fail to see her as an asset, as one who has something to contribute to the Body of Christ.

There is a growing movement in the Church in meeting the spiritual needs of individuals with special needs and families raising children with special needs. It requires change. It requires opening hearts and minds. It requires you to walk alongside us and all of those living with special needs. Walk alongside us in faith and charity - and in community, Be blessed as we have been blessed in knowing this soul who is our daughter. Her soul not disabled but quite able as she loves and serves God every day. She, along with every other individual with special needs, has gifts and talents to be explored. Gifts and talents to be used to glorify God in bringing others to Him.

Soon to come - what you can do!

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